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George Hughes from Black Oak Arkansas w/Randy John, Joy, Perrita, Neil, Billy Gibbons, Randy, Jesse Rickity with The Fixx at Highline Ballroom Perrita with Brett Michaels at BBKing Blues Club, NYC Neil & Denise with Charlie Daniels at Long Island Hall of Fame Jesse at Stage 48, NYC Rickity at BBKing Blues Club Paul Latimer with The Radio Chick Perrita with T.L.C. at the Long Island Hal of Fame Perrita onstage Paul Latimer, Jesse, George Hughes from B.O.A.  and Randy Joy, Glenn Hughes and Randy in NYC Paul with Rare Earth bassist at BBKing Blues Club Rickity onstage in Sellersville, Pa. Black--Oak Left to right; ’68 Fender telecaster bass, ’62 Fender jazz bass, ’60 Fender precision bass, gold “Kronos” bass amp w/Epifani 3/15 cabinet, 1200 watt crown amp & Fodera preamp, Matchless b-15 Acoustic 360 re-issue, red ’64 Gibson Thunderbird bass, Kerry green Fodera Thunderbird bass, black ’76 Gibson Thunderbird bass, Fano Thunderbird bass, holding ’66 Guild Jetstar bass Ricky-On-Stage Fee Waybil at Sellersville lightbox gallery inside scroll boxby VisualLightBox.com v6.0