Paul Latimer

When did you first become interested in music? Did you come from a musical family?

My mom sang and my parents would always have friends over , after a few cocktails everyone would be singing. My grandmother gave me a plastic Sears guitar when I was 4. I took folk guitar lessons at the local school when I was old enough to actually go to school.

I sang for three years in the Children's Chorus at the New York City Opera Company at Lincoln Center. I had the great pleasure of being in the Company with Beverly Sills and one of the Three Tenors, Jose Carreras. Besides the opera company I did two years in the music education program at NYU. Being on stage was at Lincoln Center was an amazing experience.

When I started playing guitar learning Led Zepplin's Houses of the Holy. I would just put on FM radio and albums and play along - cranking up my little tube amp.. So I'm first a rocker!!

Describe a few of the most exciting concerts you've ever been to. Who are some of you biggest influences?

The first rock show I went to was Mott the Hoople on Broadway. A little unkown band at the time from Europe playing their first US show was Queen. Brian May's swirling guitar and Freddie Mercury's performance made quite the impression on me.

Tell me about your first bands.

I played acoustic on the street for many years in New York early on. (Jaco Pastorius joined in once after a few of his friends heard a few of my songs and dragged him over.) I played a lot of New York Noise Avant Garde stuff and also played bass with Tommy Morgan's band - he later had a hit with the Fun Lovin' Criminals. I met Randy Pratt, as he lived on the floor under me and I would practice classical guitar in the staircase for the reverb. Since then we have played together in severals bands, Kill Me and the infamous Funky Knights. That was a wild band.

What is something special about Rickity?

Randy and I have played hundreds of show together , probably have thousands of hours of playing time together . We have a special musical connection that we bring to Rickity. We have great players who love to rock out. Rickity is a powerful and entertaining Rock Band.